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The role of the School Psychologist  within our district goes beyond student evaluation and encompasses the whole learning environment, including the classroom, school, and family. They provide a variety of services to students, their parents, administrators, teachers, and other school personnel. School Psychologists  within our department use a wide variety of assessment techniques to evaluate students’ academic skills, learning aptitudes, emotional development, adaptive behavior, and social skills. Our School Psychologists  collaborate with students, parents, and school personnel to develop and help implement positive behavior plans. We also provide consultation about individual students and/or general child development information to parents, teachers, and administrators. School Psychologists within our department provide individual and group support services that are intended to help students pursue educational success.

Team Members: Lisa Amato  School Psychologist     Donja Pickering School Psychologist

Resources: National Association of School Psychologist Parents Rights and Procedural Safeguards


The following is the typical flow of a request for assistance but this may change depending on circumstances.


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