SST Meeting Process

Each schools SST meets at varying times throughout the month. The times are listed below. At the SST meeting we discuss the student’s name on the agenda and that student’s concern/issue, discuss the concerns/issues about the student, review prior interventions and information in the cum. file, and make an action plan..  The SST team discusses options, with the goal of creating an action plan. The action plan could include a request for testing, a 504 plan, proposed classroom interventions, or a change of placement/alternative education.  If a solution is not arrived at during the meeting, the student’s file will be tabled until the next meeting or until solved.  Oftentimes, one or a couple of specific SST team members will need to do something outside of the meeting time to work on the situation. The follow chart below addresses the typical process although depending on the situation steps may be added or skipped.

 SST Meeting Process

Action Plan

The facilitator who attended the meeting will list action items and send them via e-mail to the SST team members who attended the meeting for follow up. The team utilized the following checklist to track their work as well as other forms developed and utilized by each school.


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